Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Father’s Day Flowers & more.


Father’s day is a special day to express our gratitude and love towards fathers and father- figures for their sacrifices they have made for us. One of the best and memorable way to do so is by spoiling him with stunning flowers and plants delivered. The Flower Bar have got you covered with an amazing hand-crafted flower bouquets and luxurious & stunning indoor plants.


When is Father’s Day?

It’s always celebrated on the third Sunday in June. This year is 18th June.


The history of Father’s Day can be traced back to the early back 20th century in United States. The 1st Father’s Day was celebrated in 1910 in Spokane, Washington, by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to honour her father, a civil war veteran and single father who raised six children. Father’s Day became an official holiday in the United States in 1972, when President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation recognizing the day.

Nowadays, Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world.

Father figures to be honoured.

Who said Dads don’t love their own bouquet of flowers on special occasions? The Flower Bar is the perfect spot to pick up a floral arrangement for Dad this Father’s Day 18th June


Father’s Day flowers for your Dad.

Dads play such a pivotal role in a child’s upbringing such as a protector, provider, leader, disciplinarian, teacher, helper, encourager, friend and so forth. Celebrate your main man with a special flowers gift from us, Dads deserve flowers too!



Father’s Day for your husband

It’s an ideal day to thank your husband for being the most loving and caring father to your children. Also for being always as a rock solid support in a family,  gone above and beyond and loving you unconditionally.

But most importantly he always remember the “vow” in sickness and “in healthy’ and support you in all your endeavours. Lol! Help you with household chores…I know you can relate!!! Don’t forget to craft a well thought-out and heart touching message to accompany your flowers gifts when you place your orders as we provide free plain cards to write a note. He’ll love you for it.


Father’s Day gift for grandfather

Regardless if he goes by Grandpa, Babu, Grandpop, PopPop, Granddad or any others name make this day special & meaningful to him. No holiday is complete without your grandfather there. You can find him a perfect gift at The Flower Bar to make him feel loved, appreciated and as excited as ever to be a grandparent.




Flowers: Good for Relationships and the Economy

Flowers: Good for Relationships and the Economy

Flowers: Good for Relationships and the Economy

Barry talks to Floral Artist Sima Mutabingwa  from Wedding Florist of the Year Winner, The Flower Bar.

Back in History;

The world’s largest flower auction began in a Dutch pub 200 years ago when a trader turned to his peers and asked, how much? Today the flower warehouse near Amsterdam occupies an area larger than 100 football pitches and accounts for over 50% of world sales. Of the rest, exports from Chile and Colombia represent 25%, and East Africa makes up just 10%. In Kenya, over two million people are employed or are involved in the sector and flowers worth over $700m from around 100 producers are exported to 60 countries


Aalsmeer Flower Auction (Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer) is a flower auction that takes place in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. It is the largest flower auction in the world. The Aalsmeer Flower Auction building is the largest building by footprint in the world, covering 518,000m² (5.57 million sq ft; 128 acres).

Situation in Tanzania;

The Arusha area enjoys perfect growing conditions with its high altitude, cool nights, and proximity to the equator for maximum hours of sunlight. And unlike in Europe, there is no seasonal production. Instead, it can offer 365-day competitive trading. But still, Tanzanian flower sales are less than 10% of neighbouring Kenya. Or are they?.

Flower gardening in Arusha area, Tanzania

It is estimated that 80% of locally grown flowers are sold through the Nairobi hub. As a result, Tanzania’s floriculture is at risk of protectionism and loses out on jobs, supply chain opportunities and tax revenues. But changes to the investment climate initiated by President Samia Suluhu Hassan are regenerating growth in Tanzania’s flower industry.

As technology develops, logistics improve, and in Europe, energy costs to heat greenhouses and wages increase, producers in East Africa can challenge the Netherlands’ stronghold on the industry by selling direct to wholesalers and retailers.

After harvest, flowers lose 15% of their value every extra day.


The opportunities for Tanzanian growers are plain to see. The global market for cut flowers exceeded $35Bn last year and is forecast to increase to $50Bn by 2028. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and lilies account for 80% of global cut flower sales. Arusha can produce world-class blooms of these high-value varieties, and $30,000 an acre yields are achievable.

But satisfying world demand for flowers involves a complex ecosystem of farmers, refrigeration facilities, wholesalers, transporters, florists, and supermarkets. Timing is critical, and transfer from farm to shop by air needs to be within 24-48 hours as flowers lose 15% of their value every extra day.

Bypassing Nairobi to get a perfect stem to Europe will take detailed planning, airport infrastructure, and Government support.

Flowers pack-house

And Sima the florist, Explains;

Sima,  talented floral artist and founder of the Flower Bar, winner of this year’s Wedding Florist of the Year, explains the demand for such a perishable product.

She tells me that “flowers are sentimental representations of love, peace or compliment. Flowers make intimate connections, and their presence leads to increased contact with family and friends. When asked,  women immediately recall the last time they received flowers and from whom“.

Intrigued to understand more, I looked up a study that explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction by studying participants’ emotional responses to receiving a floral gift. The results showed that flowers immediately impact happiness and are a natural and healthful moderator of moods with a long-term positive effect on attitudes. Participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious, and agitated after receiving flowers. And they demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction. Two-thirds believed a floral gift has a deeper meaning and all expressed extraordinary delight and gratitude upon receiving flowers.


Sima, the florist

Sima adds that “flowers are an essential aspect of social customs. Traditionally demand increases on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Eid and Christmas. Giving flowers on birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, christenings, and condolences is the accepted way of celebrating an event or a life. However, in Tanzania, we are increasing giving flowers to say thank you, I love you, appreciate you, and to recognize achievements. Many people (and most tongue-tied men) say that they can express their emotions more easily through the giving of flowers.”

Your floral designs add grandeur, artistic expression, elegance, and style to events, conferences, and weddings. Flower barwas just voted Wedding Florist of the Year. What makes Flower barstand out from the competition?.

“I believe that our floral artistry, quality, attention to detail and total customer focus is the reason behind our success and recognition. Knowing that we work with Fair Trade and ethical suppliers and only use flowers from sustainable sources is particularly important to our corporate and diplomatic customers. Listening to what the customer wants, working to their budget and giving them excellent service and value sets us apart”.

Fresh flowers as gifts or decorations are not so common here as in Europe, the US or Asia, where 80% of households says they buy flowers at least once per month. There is also the cost to consider. What will Flower bardo to convert people to fresh flowers?

Well, originality, packing and presentation, delivery service and paired gifts like the Mothers Day promotion we did with the Moshaki fashion studio are some initiatives. Informing people about making fresh flowers last longer is also essential.” we also want companies to subscribe to our service and display fresh flowers to welcome guests and customers.”

2022 Wedding Florist of the year Award

Want your flowers to last longer. Here are the Flower bar top tips;

Make sure you use a clean vase and fill it with tepid water with a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar. Remove any leaves from stems that will be covered by water. Cut the ends of the stems at 45 degrees. Change the water in the vase daily and keep the blooms out of direct sunlight.

Written by

~Barry Hogg~

Women’s Day Flowers – Gift Ideas for Women Day 2022

Women’s Day Flowers – Gift Ideas for Women Day 2022

Women’s Day Flowers – Gift Ideas for Women Day 2022

Women’s day is the right day to tell her that she is stronger, gorgeous and compassionate with a stunning Women’s day gifts from us. Make her feel extremely special by presenting a stunning Women’s day gift.

Celebrate the spirit of womanhood this Women’s day and tell all the women of your life how much special they are for you. The Flower Bar Tz presents a huge range of online Women’s day gifts. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our amazing women’s day gift collection and order it right now. Choose any of our delivery options and send womens day gifts online without any hassle.

Kudos To All The Women Out There On This International Women’s Day
Back in the old times, people used to treat women less when compared to men. But today, in 2022, women have inevitably proved that they are not less than anyone as they stand strong with the world. From Mary Kom, Michelle Obama, to all the mothers, every woman has made sure to create an impact on everyone. There is not even a single area left, where these women have not shown their abilities. Even after working for an entire day at the office, these women have still been the best at taking care of their loved ones.

Hence, the time has come to celebrate womanhood on 8th March with each of us. The Flower Bar Tz has come up with a very nice idea of celebrating this amazing day with some of the very beautiful flowers for womens day. If you are confused about what to gift, then you can browse through the entire range of women’s day gifts. You will be overjoyed when the lady in your life receives these flowers, which you have selected for her. So, make this International Women’s Day memorable for her.

Flashback To The Beginning of International Women’s Day 2022
Firstly shout out to all the women out there, since it is 2022 and therefore another year is here for telling all these exemplary ladies that they are the best. Kudos to all the successful, loving, and caring women who have taken care of each of us from one more year. The Flower Bar Tz is letting out a heartfelt thank you for all the ladies out there for keeping up with us and holding each one of us in the difficult times. Happy International Women’s Day!!!

But there are people still unaware of why this day is celebrated around the globe. Hence, we will now have an overview of where it all started. International women’s day is celebrated on 8th March around the world. This day is an honor for all women irrespective of any discrimination based on colors, race, caste, and creed. This day was very firstly celebrated by the North Americans and Europeans in the 20th century. And since those times, this day spread like wildfire throughout the country as it motivated every woman out there. This day is for women to realize that they are very special and should never feel low for their existence.

On this International Women’s Day, The Flower Bar Tz is here to thank all those ladies for every sacrifice they have made for all of us. Therefore, on this women’s day, we have made sure to do everything to make their day special.

The Flower Bar Tz Brings Womens Day Gift For All The Ladies
It is very normal for all of us to remember the birthdays of our mothers, little sister, friend, and coworkers. You remember all those memorable days of your life which are related to the ladies. Have you ever thought about why it is so? This happens with us because deep in our hearts we somewhere know that our existence without them is impossible. We all love them from the core of our hearts and so does The Flower Bar Tz. It has been a record as almost every receiver of our gift has been a lady who has been special to someone in different ways. Be it your mom, wife, sister, girlfriends, or any special lady, we have some or the other thing planned for all of them. The Flower Bar Tz this year has come up with a huge range of amazing Women’s day gifts, which will be loved by you. This is a huge opportunity for all of you to make this International women’s day more special and memorable for all the ladies out there. You can send women’s day gifts to your lovely lady’s doorstep and surprise them. We have made sure that you can have everything that you wish to give to the women in your lives.

At The Flower Bar Tz, the experts have curated a whole new range of gifts, which can range from cakes, chocolates, home decor, accessories, flowers, and many more. We have made sure to cover an entire range of different gift items for your convenience. If you’re uncertain about how to proceed, our online agents will be there to assist you once you visit our website. There is no need to wait for a long time now, as with The Flower Bar Tz, you can start prepping up for the celebration. So, head on to our website and plan your womens day special gifts. You will be very lucky to order women’s day gift from us as we promise to make your gifting experience excellent.

Send Women’s Day Gift from The Flower Bar Tz for Surprising your Mom
Women are the backbone of society and to celebrate this spirit every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day. After all, it’s a woman who gave birth to us, and she is the one who supports throughout our life being a mother, lovely sister, wife, friend, and daughter. It’s a woman who is behind every successful man. A woman has to play many different roles in her entire life. Being a daughter, she always supports her parents in every situation. As a mother she takes care of her children, being a wife she gives love and respect to her husband, being a friend she is always with you in every situation, being a sister she always supports her siblings and motivates them to do better.

Hats off to every woman out there, and thanks a lot for being on this earth to serve all of us. This women’s day, send womens day gift to your special Women to make her feel special. The Flower Bar Tz has come up with delightful gifts that have been specially created for every woman. Celebrate the day with a beautiful collection of Women day gifts that you can order online. For instance, women day flowers will touch the heart of your women, Women day cake will sweeten her taste buds. There are many things with which you can surprise her like never before like you can gift cake, flowers, teddies, chocolates and other lovely gifts to admire her. Don’t wait anymore, just order a women’s day gift and see the endless smile on her face.

Womens Day Gift Delivery By The Flower Bar Tz At Your Doorstep
International Women’s Day is the best day to show your respect, care, love, and appreciation towards your special woman. Admire your woman by presenting beautiful Womens day online gifts that you can order from The Flower Bar Tz. Gifts have a special meaning attached to it. They are the best way to express those words which are difficult to say. So, order a Women’s day gift and let your gift speak the language of love, respect, and admiration. Women’s day gifts include a fresh bouquet, delicious cakes, personalized gifts, chocolates, and many more. Online portals provide the opportunity to customize the gifts that have a lasting impression on the receiver.

Celebrate The Spirit of Being Women With Womens Day Gift Delivery
Every woman is the epitome of grace and beauty, and to admire her, The Flower Bar Tz is offering women day gift delivery across India. They are the women who have bestowed to make the world more cheerful and beautiful. They are an important part of life who have achieved success in every sphere of life. Now, the time has changed; the women are not restricted to boundaries; she has left the walls of the kitchen and exposing her talents in every field of life, whether it’s a field of education, scientist, professors, or pilots. We salute their endeavors. Order women’s day gift and celebrate the day with happiness for being a Woman. If you are far away from your special woman, then you can send womens day gift to her place from The Flower Bar Tz. Your gift will be delivered at the specified place and time.


Womens Day Gifts – For All Your Relations From The Flower Bar Tz
On this Women’s Day, The Flower Bar Tz has given you a lot of gifts for surprising all the ladies in your life. March 8 is the most appropriate day for you to surprise every woman in your life, be it your mother, wife, sister, daughter, or best friend. Below we have listed some ideal gift items that are perfect for all ladies.

Womens Day Gift for Mother
Our mommies are so very particular about decorating the interiors of our house and always engrossed in taking care of all of us. The Flower Bar Tz has come up with a range of very beautiful decorative items, which will make your interiors look very pretty. Along with this, gift her a bouquet of pink roses along with a personalized cake. Thank her for everything she does for you and the family.

Gift for Grandmother
Gift your granny one of the most popular gifts, which are handbags that will be of great use to her. You, grandma, will love this gift and give a pat on your cheek for thinking about her. It is very important to remember the foundation of your family, which is your grandma and mom.

Gift for Sister
Thank your counterpart, which is your sister, for entertaining you whatsoever the situation is. Your sister surely deserves a personalized themed cake and a jewelry set. She will love this gift and will surely give you a tight hug after receiving it. Apart from this, you can get a combo of perfume, soft toys, flowers, and cakes for making the surprise more special for her.

Gift for Wife
We all know how important our life partner is for us, and it is very important for all of us. So, the perfect women’s day gift for the best women of your life is going to be a bouquet of red roses, heart-shaped red velvet cakes, and anything else if you wish to add in it. Say her thank you for always being by your side and making you stand strong even in the bad times.

Gift for Girlfriend
Do you want to take your relationship ahead with your girlfriend on this Women’s Day? Then, visit The Flower Bar Tz and place your order for the most amazing gift, which is the chocolate bouquet, a silver sterling ring, and a personalized photo lamp from our store. These gifts will be perfect for you to tell her that you feel very lucky to have her in your life.

Gift for Daughter
On this International Women’s Day, make sure that you do not forget this littlest woman of your life. Yes, it is really very special to have a daughter in your life. From the beginning of your angel’s life, you need to tell her that you will be there for her whatsoever. Surprise her with some of the very cute and special gifts such as a cartoon-themed cake, soft toys, chocolates, small bouquets, backpack, etc.

Gift for your Female Colleague
Giving a surprise to your colleagues is a very special thing you can ever do. You can get a personalized gift for her, such as a mug with a motivational quote, handbags, and many more things which you can find on The Flower Bar Tz.

Appreciate Her Presence in Your Life By Surprising Her With Women’s Day Gifts
Let the women of your life know how special she is for you! Appreciate her by presenting a beautiful gift. You can also surprise her by sending a women’s day gift at midnight. Women’s day is indeed a perfect day to pay tribute to every Woman for the significant contribution made by her over the years. The Flower Bar Tz has a massive collection of gifts that you can explore and select the one which you like. All gifts are sure to bring a smile on her face. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your order now! From roses to carnations, cakes to chocolates, teddies to sweet treats, all are available at a reasonable price.

Best Women Day Gift For Your Special Woman
Honestly, a gift would fall short in honoring her, but it is the way to show your respect and care for her. But thanking her with some sweet gifts like womens day cake, a box of Ferrero Rocher, flowers, the chocolate bouquet will make it perfect to express the deepest feelings tucked in the heart. Compliment her for being so nice by sending chocolates, cakes, or bamboo plants. A woman is both a soft-hearted and strong-minded person. She is a stubborn spirit skillful of even the impossible. Salute her by gifting a token of love and happiness in the form of gifts. Whether you are in search of a unique gift to impress your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, or friend, The Flower Bar Tz is here for you to help you to delight your special lady. So, go on and make the day memorable for her.

Enjoy a Smooth Shopping Experience For Womens Day Gifts From The Flower Bar Tz
The Flower Bar Tz is an esteemed name which has given everyone a chance to express their gratitude and care towards their lovely ladies. It has been a ride of seven years for all of us. From the very beginning to now, we have made sure to sustain with our good quality products and facilities. On this International Women’s Day. One can gift from the huge variety of options that we have come up with. We have womens day flowers such as lilies, tulips, roses, to carnations, and different cakes, we have everything that can amaze the ladies. Our list of women’s day gifts is endless and amazing. We promise that the women of your life are going to fall in love with these.

Apart from the high-quality product, we have also focussed very keenly on the delivery services. The Flower Bar Tz offers many delivery options to choose from, and they are same-day delivery, fixed delivery, early morning delivery, express delivery, and standard delivery. Out of all these delivery options, the user can choose anyone as per their comfort and convenience. The delivery team at The Flower Bar Tz has promised to make sure that your women’s day gift reaches the doorstep in the safest condition. Then coming onto the payment, The Flower Bar Tz has provided its customer the service of online payment via credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. The payment gateways of The Flower Bar Tz are encrypted with security to prevent any vandalization of the transaction details. So, guys get set ready for the International women’s Day on the 8th of March by placing your order for women’s day gifts.

Why roses are so Popular on Valentines Day?

Why roses are so Popular on Valentines Day?

Why Are Roses So Popular for Valentine’s Day?

Learn the lore and logistics behind giving roses for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the biggest day in the world for sending flowers, as well as cards and chocolates, but have you ever wondered where the tradition came from, and why we send flowers and other goodies? Well, it has a rather interesting history, and there are a couple of them. Read them all to find out more.

Valentine’s Day History through Saints and Legends

One of the traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day came about through legends and tales that spoke about the death of early Christian saints, in Greek and Roman mythology.

At least three Christian martyrs were named Valentine, and apparently, they were executed for a number of reasons, one of which was marrying a Roman soldier in secret. Amazingly Emperor Claudius II stopped soldiers from marrying their sweethearts and he believed that they should only love Rome and nothing else. Valentine’s Day apparently came about from a Christian bishop who would marry people in secret, defying the emperor’s law ceremonies in defiance of the emperor’s law.

Valentine was eventually imprisoned and he was executed on 14th February. Before his execution took place, he left a love letter for the daughter of the jailor and it was signed “From your Valentine.” This is why we still use this phrase today and celebrate it on 14th February. Some cities like Bangalore and Mumbai have huge craze for sending flowers on Valentine’s Day.

There’s a bit of history, but what about the flowers?

Way back in the 17th Century, flowers became part of the Valentine’s Day traditions. Roses were especially used as they represent love in every way. Apparently, roses were Venus’ favourite flower, the Goddess of Love, as she believed that they stood for strong feelings. From this, people then started giving those they cared about roses, to show their love for each other. Which is of course still lives on today.

But there’s more history behind this tradition, where a tradition of sending flowers was created for another reason. It comes from the old-fashioned custom of sending gifts, especially flowers, to pass on non-verbal messages. Thanks for Charles II of Sweden in the 18th Century; each and every single flower had a meaning to it. In this way people could have an entire conversation just through flowers. That’s amazing.
But Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers, it’s about the delicious treat of chocolates too. Spanish explorers brought chocolate back to the Old World from the New World in the 17th Century. Unsurprisingly people loved it, and its popularity increased all over Europe. This then became the candy of choice for Valentine’s Day.

We know that roses are generally the flower of choice, but people send other flowers too.

When it comes to gifts and tokens of affection, flowers are a classic choice. But of all the flowers given on holidays, few are as closely associated with Valentine’s Day as the red rose.

Even if you’re not someone who pays attention to the mid-February holiday, it’s hard to miss the sales displays filled with dozens of Valentine’s Day roses situated front and centre in supermarkets, drugstores, and even gas station mini-marts. Of all the Valentine’s Day gifts out there, none are as iconic as the rose.

“Plants are great for long-lasting tokens of love, and a simple red rose plant is ever popular,” says Sandra Varley, a florist with more than a decade of experience and the sales and marketing manager for Flying Flowers. And while a bouquet of cut roses may not last quite as long as a rose bush, it says “I love you” for as long as the flowers live—longer, if you dry them.

Of course, Valentine’s Day roses aren’t strictly for expressing romantic love. Thanks to different rose colour meanings, the classic beauties make great Valentine’s Day gifts for friends and family members too. But before you hit the nearest florist for a rainbow’s array of roses, find out how the tradition of giving roses for Valentine’s Day started and which roses are tops. And in the hubbub of the holiday, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Valentine’s Day Flowers Suggestions and What they mean

Red Roses – Love and romance. Scottish poet Robert Burns didn’t compare his love to a red, red rose for nothing. They have been associated for ages with beauty and perfection; red roses are a timeless way to say “I love you.” So if you receive red roses, you know you are truly loved.

Pink Roses – Love, gratitude and appreciation. Pink roses are not only stunning, but can be used to communicate many messages when you’ve got something important to say to your loved one including love, gratitude and appreciation. They are also an extremely elegant flower. Pink roses will make you feel loved and appreciated, which is a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

White Roses – Marriage, spirituality, new starts. White roses are traditionally linked with marriage and new beginnings. If you’re hoping for that special proposal, then maybe white roses will say it all.

Lilies – Promise, passion, life and fidelity. What they mean says it all, so you can certainly put a smile on your face for a bouquet of lilies.

Carnations – Love, fascination and undying love. Carnations mean you are certainly loved; a lot and good things are sure to come your way.

Chrysanthemum – Optimism and joy. There is lots of hope for your relationship, and it’s sure to be a happy union.

Besides these flowers, people send cards as well as teddy bears too. With most of our orders you receive a free card, and we’ve got fantastic Valentine’s Day bouquets, including chocolates and teddy bears too! Check out our Valentine’s Day collection, and say what you need to in style.


Why is a rose given on Valentine’s Day?

As far as the history behind the tradition of Valentine’s Day roses, an early figure sometimes connected to the association between roses and romance is Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, wife of a British ambassador to Turkey during the 1700s. “Lady Montagu wrote letters home enthusing over a version of Turkish ‘flower language,’ or the process of assigning certain symbolic meanings to certain flowers, but she seems to have misinterpreted this local custom, which had more to do with rhyming words than the significance of the flowers themselves,” Cleto says. “Still, the concept of ‘flower languages’ caught on, especially in 19th-century England, and over the course of that century, roses became ever more tightly linked to romantic love.”

But a huge reason giving roses for Valentine’s Day has persisted as a tradition is “simply because roses are beautiful, fabulous-smelling flowers that happen to travel really well,” says Cleto. “Flowers are usually shipped over long distances, and roses are both gorgeous and hardy, so that’s a huge part of why this practice has continued.”

What are the best roses for Valentine’s Day?

Red roses are the best roses for Valentine’s Day because the colour is associated with passion and romantic love. “Part of this is probably because red dye used to be particularly expensive, difficult to obtain, and sometimes synonymous with royalty,” Cleto explains. “All these factors made red feel especially desirable and luxurious.”

Of course, if you’re celebrating platonic love—say, for valentine’s Day—you’ll want to go with something that signifies friendship. Skip the red and go straight for the yellow roses.

Those looking for inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts may need to get creative if they want to give someone red roses—a dozen stems can go for $25 to $50, with the price inching upward the closer you get to February 14. Make homemade Valentine’s Day cards featuring the flower and perhaps one of the best love quotes of all time. Find one of the funniest Valentine’s Day cards and add a sketch of a rose inside. Or go with a solo stem. It’s a small nod to tradition that you can present before a date at a romantic restaurant or atop a Valentine’s gift.


Benefits of Indoor Plants / Pot Plants in your home

Benefits of Indoor Plants / Pot Plants in your home

Not only do indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a space, but studies show they boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants—making for a healthier, happier you.

Indoor plants don’t just look good—they can make us feel good, too. Studies have shown indoor plants can…

  • Boost moods, productivity, concentration, and creativity
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen
  • Add life to sterile spaces, offer privacy, and reduce noise levels
  • Be therapeutic to care for


Plants Make Us Happier

When you feel down, it’s amazing what a walk in the park can do. That’s because when we get in touch with nature, we improve our wellbeing. Studies show time spent outside in green spaces can reduce our mental fatigue, increase our relaxation, and even improve our cognition.

However, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we spend a considerable amount of our time indoors instead—around 90%. That is where indoor plants can come to the rescue. Although they are not a substitute for the ‘great outdoors’, indoor plants can provide similar benefits. Studies have shown even brief exposure to nature, like touching real foliage, can elicit an unconscious calming effect.

And not only can the presence of indoor plants soothe and restore—but scientific field studies have shown that in workspaces where indoor plants have been added, work performance increased, staff wellbeing improved, and sick-leave absences were reduced. Talk about plants with benefits!

So, what is it about plants and nature that makes us happier and healthier?

One theory is that our connection to nature and living things is in our DNA. Although philosophers and scientists have studied humans’ innate connection with flora and fauna for centuries, biologist Edward O. Wilson brought it into the 20th century his book Biophilia (1984). Wilson wrote about the biophilia hypothesis, which suggests all humans possess an innate tendency to seek connection with other forms of life—whether that be other humans, nature, or animals—and that this connection is deeply rooted in our biology.

The biophilia hypothesis is becoming more and more relevant as urban environments continue to grow, and we find ourselves interacting with technology more than nature and each other. It is vital for us to prioritize reconnection with the natural world to live happier, healthier lives. Next time you’re tempted to scroll through your phone, try sitting outside in a park or checking in on your houseplants instead.


Plants Improve Our Environment

Now that we know a little bit more about how plants can improve how we feel, let’s talk about how they can improve our environment. Plants can instantly beautify a space, but they can also contribute to improvements we can’t see, like indoor air quality.

Indoor plants can improve indoor air quality in a few ways. Through photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, while through transpiration and evapotranspiration, plants release moisture vapor and increase humidity.

The NASA Clean Air Study showed houseplants and their associated microorganisms can remove volatile organic compounds from indoor air. Pollution is not only found in the outdoor air of dense cities, but also inside the places we work, visit, or call home. That’s because airborne toxins and pollutant gases can be emitted from mechanical equipment, building materials, and even everyday objects.

Plants can capture these indoor pollutants and convert them into stored energy, releasing naturally filtered air as a by-product. Plants do this by absorbing the pollutants through their leaves and transmitting the toxins to their roots where they’re converted into a food source.

However, the research is inconclusive and somewhat dated. NASA’s 1989 study was conducted in a sealed, controlled environment, making it difficult to translate to our everyday conditions. Some argue to make a dent in air quality, you’ll have to fill your space with plants and seal it tight.

But if living in a greenhouse isn’t in the cards, you can still benefit from bringing plants inside. Plants will not negatively affect indoor air quality—they can only improve it, even if slightly—and the other benefits they can bring are just as impressive.

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