How to Choose Flowers

Choosing flowers is perhaps the most overwhelming part of the process for many guys, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve never sent your girlfriend blooms before, remember that there are some tried-and-true options that everyone will like. Types of flowers like roses, tulips, daisies and mums are all very popular, which means they’re all pretty safe bets. Another good option? Any bouquet with a variety of different flowers. Diverse and colorful arrangements are lovely and very well-liked. As you get to know your girlfriend better, ask her what she likes – that way you’ll be better prepared when sending her a bouquet in the future.


Should You Include a Note?

Sure, flowers can say what you’re feeling without you having to use words, but it’s still a good idea to include a message when sending blossoms to your significant other. Rather than a simple “Happy Anniversary,” template-like message, say something personal and from the heart. The note doesn’t have to be long or complicated, but if it’s written by you, she’ll love it even more.

No matter what the occasion, flowers make a lovely gift that your girlfriend will definitely appreciate.

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