For the most part, dating is great. However, it can also be seriously confusing and difficult at times. Who pays for dinner? What type of relationship is he looking for? Does she like me? Luckily, there’s one thing that doesn’t have to be at all confusing about relationships: sending flowers. In fact, you almost can’t go wrong when buying your girlfriend flowers – the gesture alone is thoughtful and generous, and any bouquet you choose will be beautiful. That said, if you’re planning on sending flowers to a lady in your life and you’re finding the process a bit puzzling, that’s OK. Take a look at this guide to sending flowers to your girlfriend:

Why Send Flowers?

Flowers are one of the most widely popular gifts across the world, which is why they’re such a great option when you’re considering gifts you may want to give your girlfriend. Sending flowers is an easy way to show that you care about her, that you’re thinking about her or even that you love her, when you don’t feel like telling her is quite enough.

When to Send Flowers

There are a number of occasions when it’s customary to send someone flowers, including birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Sending flowers on these days is often actually a bit easier, since you’ll be able to find occasion specific arrangements. For instance, Teleflora’s Brilliant Birthday Blooms is a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday, while the Be My Love bouquet can help you wish your sweetheart a happy anniversary.

There are other occasions that may call for flowers that aren’t quite as set in stone, though. Say you want to apologize for something or congratulate her on receiving a promotion at work, for instance. Flowers can help you do that!

On Being Spontaneous

Just because flowers are often sent on special occasions doesn’t mean that’s the only time they’re appropriate and appreciated. There’s a lot to be said for making the gesture spontaneously – when it’s unexpected this gift can be even sweeter.

True Romance Bouquet with Red Roses


Where to Send Flowers

There are two places it makes sense to send flowers: her home and her work. Sending flowers to her work can be a lot of fun because she’ll be able to show them off to co-workers and enjoy seeing them on her desk for several days. If you’re opting to send them to her house or apartment, make sure she’ll be there at the time they arrive (Teleflora’s arrangements are all hand-delivered directly to the door).


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